About Us

EZ Foil is the difference!

EZ Foil is a brand that came about when we saw a gap in the market for affordable pre-cut foil. At EZ Foil we listen to hairdressers, as we are in the industry ourselves. We know that you love the ease of use of pre-cut foil but we also understand that price is also important.
  • We value you, your time and your talent.
    As a brand we are all about making your life easier in the salon to create more valuable time for you and your clients.
  • What is the difference?
    Hairdressing foil is a necessity in the salon and we understand that you don’t want it to cost the earth. EZ Foil is user friendly making it efficient and cost effective. Our foil is not only easy to use but they look great too. The design of the box and foil has been created with the hairdresser and salon in mind.
  • High Quality Embossed Aluminium
    EZ Foil is created using high quality embossed aluminium in an easy to use perforated tissue like box, as well as rolls if you prefer to cut the foil yourself. Life shouldn’t be difficult. Use EZ Foil in your salon, so that you can spend your precious time the way you would like.